Client: The Minor Theatre

Branded Chocolate Bar Wrappers

Packaging Artwork Layout Design

When The Minor began selling Humboldt Chocolate bars in their theater, they wanted their own branding in the packaging. We worked with The Minor to create packaging layouts that reflected the two available chocolate variations, and incorporated many design elements that are used in their website design and other branded items.

Client: The Minor Theatre
Categories: Print Media, Graphic Design
The Minor Theatre Chocolate Bars Project

Our Solution for The Minor Theatre

The Milk Chocolate design is particularly interesting because it incorporates the use of white ink. Typically, the color white in most print media is created by not printing any ink on a white background. Because this packaging was printed on kraft paper, the white design elements were created with white ink. White ink is not a commonly available option with most printers, but fortunately, the vendor that printed this packaging had white ink available.

The Minor Theatre Dark Chocolate Packaging Front Side
The Minor Theatre Milk Chocolate Packaging Front Side