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UpNorth Distribution is a cannabis distributor based in Arcata, California, which resides in the cannabis mecca known as Humboldt County. One of our earliest clients, we've been working on various projects for UpNorth since 2017. While we didn't design their current logo, we did build off of it and have designed the majority of their branding and aesthetics across their packaging, apparel and other items.

UpNorth Hat DesignUpNorth Fitted Hat Design

UpNorth X Grassroots California Fitted Flat Bill Hat

When UpNorth told us that they were interested in sourcing some high-quality branded apparel, our first instinct was to contact Grassroots California. Grassroots specializes in custom hats, apparel and other accessories, and is known for their visually-striking designs. We suggested having some fitted flat bill hats produced by Grassroots.

After setting up an initial design meeting between ourselves, UpNorth and Grassroots, each party provided their ideas regarding what they'd like to see on the hat. After seeing a few mock ups and a making a few rounds of revisions to the design, the end result is what you see pictured here.

Notable elements include:

  • raised and embroidered UpNorth circular brand on the outside of the hat, offest from the center
  • green accented stiching
  • black repeating circular brand on outer front panels
  • UN repeating pattern on underside of bill
  • Bud Coast print on inside of cap

UpNorth X Grassroots California Reversible Hoodie

Aside from the Grassroots Fitted Flat Bill Hat, UpNorth was also interested in having a nice jacket produced to showcase their branding. They decided on going with a reversible hoodie from Grassroots to accompany their hats.

The initial concept was centered around having a conservative outer layout, with a loud, striking interior design. Grassroots was able to put together the outer design pretty quickly after some input from UpNorth and ourselves. The interior, however, ended up being a little trickier to put together. After UpNorth rejected the first two interior designs produced by Grassroots, we suggested making the interior of the hoodie look similar to the interior of UpNorth's Eighth Boxes (which we also designed the interior of).

After creating a mock up of our idea for the interior of the hoodie, UpNorth approved of the design. We sent the elements used in the design to Grassroots, who then proceeded to produce the limited run of reversible hoodies. What you see pictured here is the end result of the project.

UpNorth Jacket DesignUpNorth Hoodie Design
UpNorth Preroll DesignUpNorth Carton Design

UpNorth Single Pre-Roll Box & POP Pre-Roll Carton

When UpNorth first branched out from eighths to pre rolled joints, they called on us to design the artwork for their Pre-Roll Boxes and Cartons. After sourcing a packaging vendor, UpNorth sent us the die lines for their pre-roll packaging.

Because of the popularity of the color black in most of their competitor's packaging layouts, we decided to reverse the original colors of UpNorth's logo in the artwork design. This gave their pre-roll packaging a vibrant green base with black text and highlights, easy to spot on the shelves of dispensaries.

UpNorth Tri-Fold Brochure, Stacked Display & Floor Mats

In preparation for a large cannabis-related event, UpNorth reached out to us to help produce a few items that would showcase their products. Those items consisted of a tri-fold brochure highlighting UpNorth's key cannabis strains, branded floor mats and a multi-leveled display to demo their products.

The tri-fold design incorporated images we took of samples of UpNorth's key strains, as well as some custom graphic manipulation of a few stock photos. and copy provided by UpNorth. The end result was a brochure highlighting how UpNorth Distribution was the leading Cannabis Distributor in all of California.

For the multi-level display, UpNorth sourced the item itself, and asked us to order a few of them for their team. We placed the order on behalf of UpNorth, and filled out the artwork templates provided by the vendor. After UpNorth approved the artwork, we sent the templates to the vendor, and the displays were produced and delivered.

Lastly, we sourced a vendor for the floor mats, sent the vendor a file containing UpNorth's circular brand, and had the mats produced and delivered to UpNorth.

UpNorth Brochure DesignUpNorth Tradeshow DisplayUpNorth Branded Rug Design
UpNorth Business Card Design

UpNorth Business Cards

We were asked by UpNorth to design business cards for their employees. After hammering out the template we'd use, UpNorth requested that their circular brand on both sides of the card be foil stamped with their iconic green color used in their branding. The request for green foil was a bit of a curve ball - most printers that offer foil stamped finishes only offer gold or silver foil, and the few that do offer other foil colors have a limited selection of color options. We were unable to source a printer that had a foil color option that was similar to the green used by UpNorth.

However, we did find a vendor that offered an alternative solution to colored foil stamping. We The Printers have a business card printing option called Liquid Foil Business Cards, which incorporates a layer of silver foil below the elements of your business card that you want to have a metallic look. By using WTP's Liquid Foil Business Cards, we were able to give the requested elements of UpNorth's business cards the green, foil stamped look that they had requested.

UpNorth S.W.A.G. (Stuff We All Get)

Every now and then, UpNorth reaches out to us to help them expand their SWAG offerings. A few of the items we've helped produce for them are pictured below: Die-Cut Vinyl Stickers, Enamel Pins, Neon Signs, Lanyards and Branded Lighters.

Typically, if we don't already have a vendor in mind when it comes to a request for new SWAG, we source and vet vendors that can produce the items our clients are looking for. Once we find the ideal vendor, we either layout the client's artwork on die lines provided by the vendor, or send the vendor the client's logo files and design notes for the vendor to work out the layout. Once we have a layout that we're confident with, we pass on the design proof to the client to approve or request any changes. After the design is approved, we send confirmation to the vendor to start producing our clients items, which are then delivered to the client once produced.

UpNorth Sticker Design
UpNorth Enamel Pin Design
UpNorth Neon Sign Design
UpNorth Branded Lanyard Design
UpNorth Brandd Lighter Design

Fig Farms Packaging

Fig Farms is a cannabis brand distributed by UpNorth. We were asked by Fig Farms directly to design a few layout variations for their Eighth Box and Carton packaging, and UpNorth requested that were also design layout variations for FF's Single Pre-Roll Boxes and Cartons. We were supplied with the Fig Farms logos and design files for their Eighth Jar labels, and used elements from their labels to create the requested layouts.

Fig Farms Carton DesignFig Farms Preroll Design
Daze Off Prototype Logo 1Daze Off Prototype Logo 2Daze Off Final Logo

Daze Off Logo Design

We were asked by UpNorth to design a logo for a new brand they were developing. Originally, they wanted to go with a Mid-Century style, so we put together a few variations based on that look. After getting some feedback from their employees, UpNorth decided they should go in a different direction with the branding for Daze Off, something that would be more appealing to a larger demographic.

They decided they wanted to go more in a Miami Vice-styled direction, and sent us examples of the type of styling they wanted to embody with the Daze Off brand. We then created a few new logo variations based on the new direction, and after a few revisions, we ended up with the final design pictured here.

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