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Valley Fig Growers is a grower-owned fig farming collective located in the San Joaquin Valley of California. VFG represents about 40% of the California Fig Industry and produces dried figs and fig products for personal consumption and commercial use. You can find many of their products distributed under the Blue Ribbon Orchard Choice, Sun-maid, Orchard Choice and Blue Ribbon brands.

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Valley Fig Growers Web Design

Valley Fig Growers were interested in updating the look and feel of their website to a more modern looking layout, along with converting their website to WordPress. Originally built with Drupal, their website consisted of a few hundred recipes using figs in their ingredients, as well as health and nutrition information about figs, industrial brochures and other fir-related content.

VFG provided us with examples of websites that contained structures and design elements that they liked, and we designed their new website to incorporate many of those requests. VFG was also in the process of rebranding their Orchard Choice brand and packaging, so we based the color scheme and font choice of the site on their new logo. We also redesigned their recipe pages and archives to show larger, higher resolution images along with better organized recipe information and the ability to rate and comment on recipes.

The most challenging aspect of this project was converting the site over to WordPress. There are plugins that can convert Drupal pages and posts over to WordPress, but the custom-built Drupal content, like VFG's recipe pages, were not compatible with these plugins. We ended up extracting all recipe data from their Drupal database, and then brought that recipe data into their new WordPress website.

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